• Donations are tax deductible. The engraved plaque on the back of the seat is a recognition of your donation to the Scotch College Foundation.
  • The design and specification of any plaque will be determined by the College.
  • The wording of the message on the plaque is subject to approval by the College.
  • To ensure the plaques are a standard size and layout, we ask that you remain within the recommended parameters. The name and message on the plaque must not exceed 50 and 100 characters, respectively.
  • Plaques are guaranteed to remain on the seat for a minimum of 30 years.
  • Dedicating a seat does not guarantee allocation of that seat when attending games in the Wellbeing & Sport Centre.
  • Dedicating a seat is a charitable donation and does not give you legal ownership of the seat or the land on which the seat is located.